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Friday, September 11, 2009

What We're Reading 9/11/09

Lots of good reading lately, so here's a lengthy list:

After seeing gold above $1000, we look at: Five reasons to avoid the gold rush [zero hedge]

And conversely: China et. al puts floor in gold [zero hedge]

About that hedge fund renaissance you were told was coming... [Reformed Broker]

How Texas Hold 'Em Poker is similar to investing/trading [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]

How to make the most of Stocktwits [Abnormal Returns] The Stocktwits desktop is a great application and we use it daily, just fyi.

Exclusive interview with Charles Kirk of The Kirk Report [Wall St. Cheat Sheet]

Top 25 Largest Banks - Defaulted Loan Percentage [HardMoneyPros]

The hedge fund rebound is actually bad news [Richard Bernstein via BusinessInsider]

Criticizing hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert's Sears (SHLD) response [Jeff Matthews]

Why I hate shorting stocks [Dasan]

Oliver Stone returns to Wall Street for a sequel [NYTimes] Earlier, Wall Street 2 the movie coming February 2010.

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