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Friday, October 1, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 10/1/10

On the philosophy of objectivism: Atlas Shrugged [Ayn Rand]

Does quantitative easing drive asset prices higher? [PragmaticCapitalism]

Six rules from Michael Steinhardt [TheKirkReport]

A look at Paulson's bet on gold [Teri Buhl, Forbes]

On investing with Soros versus Buffett [Jeff Matthews]

A look at Visteon (VSTNQ) [AboveAverageOdds]

Ready to be rich: profile of David Tepper [NYMag]

Plan not to panic [Joel Greenblatt]

What do you do at quarter's end? [Reformed Broker]

An interview with Eric Sprott [KingWorldNews]

The fund of funds fee model is about to change drastically [BusinessInsider]

Ken Fisher dubs 'new normal' idiotic, sees great decade ahead [Bloomberg]

How to start a hedge fund [Vanity Fair]

A theoretical 2 & 20 fee structure on Berkshire Hathaway [Telegraph]

A series of podcasts featuring Toby Carlisle of Greenbackd, Jon Heller of CheapStocks, Asif Suria of SINLetter, George at FatPitchFinancials, and Tariq Ali of StreetCapitalist [Geoff Gannon's Investor Questions Podcast]

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