What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 5/28/14 ~ market folly

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Analytical Links 5/28/14

At big ticket dinners, Bernanke sounds theme of low rates [Reuters]

Worried about the downside? [Richard Bernstein Advisors]

America has a new subprime problem: cars [Quartz]

Notes from the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting [ValueInvestingWorld]

Berkshire Hatahway: beyond Buffett [Jeff Matthews]

Deal formulas vary as chemical companies divest [TheDeal]

Mary Meeker's 2014 internet trends deck [Kleiner Perkins]

Discussion on the US mobile market & spectrum [Twitter]

Thoughts and takeaways from the Wine Country Conference [Sitka Pacific]

America's 10 year experiment in broadband has failed [BusinessWeek]

The cable guy needs to come up with a better argument [HBR]

After 2 years of solid urban growth, more Americans heading to suburbs [WSJ]

Weak malls struggle as Sears, JC Penney pare stores [WSJ]

For-profit schools enroll about 13% of all students in higher education [WSJ]

Gamestop is the ultimate bear trap [Seeking Alpha]

Understanding SaaS: why the pundits have it wrong [Andreessen Horowitz]

On how cheap smartphones could change everything [Wired]

On the great tech correction of 2014 [Dan Benton]

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