Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Third Point Reduces Equity Exposure Further in June

For the month of June, Dan Loeb's Third Point Offshore Fund returned -2.6% but is still up 6.8% for the year and has seen 18.5% annualized returns. The Offshore fund manages just under $4 billion and Third Point recently closed to new investors.

Equity Exposure

At the end of June, Third Point's total equity exposure was 56.3% long and -25.6% short, resulting in 30.7% net long exposure. Their largest net long exposure comes in the consumer sector at 7.1% net long and the energy sector at 6.5% net long. The only sector they were net short was technology.

This marks a reduction in Third Point's equity exposure for the second consecutive month. At the end of May, they were 42.6% net long equities and so they've decreased exposure by almost 12% month over month.

Credit Exposure

Dan Loeb's firm also reduced credit exposure during the quarter down to 21.7% net long (down from 34.4% net long at the end of May). Their largest exposure this time around was 18.1% net long asset backed securities and 10.2% net long distressed debt. On the other side of things, they continue to be -10.1% net short government securities.

Top Positions

1. Delphi
2. El Paso (EP)
3. Gold
4. CIT Group (multiple securities held)
5. Technicolor (multiple securities held)

While at the end of May gold was Third Point's largest position, the slide in the precious metal caused it to slip to their third largest position a month later. CIT Group moves into their top 5 holdings this month, replacing CVR Energy (CVI).

Delphi is Loeb's largest holding and David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital also recently took a stake. In fact, Third Point and Greenlight share a few other common positions such as gold and CIT Group.

Top Winners & Losers

In the month of June, Third Point's positions in CVR Energy, Volkswagen, and various asset backed securities were their top winners. Their top losers in the month included Delphi, LyondellBasell (LYB), El Paso (EP), gold, and Technicolor.