Friday, September 26, 2014

Sohn Conference San Francisco 2014: Ubben, Billick, McGuire & Moore

Today we're pleased to announce that the 2014 Sohn San Francisco Conference will be taking place next month.  The event features top hedge fund managers sharing investment ideas to benefit various charities.  You can register for the conference via this link.

Conference proceeds benefit the Sohn Conference Foundation, as well as Bay Area organizations focused on improving educational opportunities and life outcomes for underserved youth. This year's beneficiary group includes:  City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley, First Place for YouthLeadership Public Schools, Pathways for Kids and SEO Scholars San Francisco.

Here are the conference details:

Date, Time & Location

- Date: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
- Time: 2:30 - 6:00 pm; general networking reception to follow
- Location: The Bently Reserve, 301 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

Speakers List

Jeffrey Ubben, Founder, CEO & CIO, ValueAct Capital

Kurt Billick, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Bocage Capital
Mick McGuire, Founder & Managing Member, Marcato
Meridee Moore, Chief Investment Officer, Watershed Asset Management LLC
Sandy J. Colen, Manager & CIO, Apex Capital
Brian Zied, Founder & Portfolio Manager, Charter Bridge Capital Management, L.P.
Scott Fearon, President, Crown Capital Management
Mick Hellman, Founder & Managing Partner, HMI Capital LLC
Carl Kawaja, Portfolio Manager, Capital World Investors
Jose Medeiros, Co-Founder, Stonerise Capital Partners
Jeffrey Osher, Managing Director, Harvest Capital Strategies, LLC

Registration Flyer

Embedded below is the event flyer:

You can register for the event at the conference website here.  Support some great causes while hearing from of the brightest in the investment industry at the 2014 Sohn San Francisco Conference.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Warren Buffett Interview With Dan Gilbert

Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett recently sat down for an interview with Dan Gilbert.  Below are the videos of their chat.

Video 1

Video 2

For more investing guru wisdom, check out recent notes from Charlie Munger's Daily Journal meeting as well.

Bruce Berkowitz Looking to Participate in Sears Short-Term Loan

Bruce Berkowitz's investment firm Fairholme Capital has filed an amended 13D on shares of Sears Holdings (SHLD).  We previously highlighted how Berkowitz bought more SHLD recently.

His previous filing noted that St. Joe (JOE) was in discussions to possibly participate in Sears' $400 million secured short-term loan.  Per the new filing, that fell through.

However, the new 13D indicates that Fairholme is in discussions concerning a "substantially smaller participation in the short-term loan."

It also appears as though Fairholme has sold 26,400 SHLD shares since his previous 13D filing only last week.

JAT Capital Boosts Madison Square Garden Stake Again

John Thaler's hedge fund firm JAT Capital has filed an amended 13D with the SEC regarding their position in Madison Square Garden (MSG).  Per the filing, JAT now owns 9.36% of the company with over 5.95 million shares.

This marks an increase of over 1 million shares since the last time JAT increased its MSG stake last month.  The latest filing was made due to the bulk of activity on September 18th where they bought MSG at $66.10

Per Google Finance, Madison Square Garden is "a holding company conducting its operations through direct and indirect subsidiaries. The Company is an integrated sports, entertainment and media business company. The Company operates in three segments: MSG Sports, MSG Media and MSG Entertainment. In March 2014, the Company purchased a 50% interest in Tribeca Enterprises."

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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