Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 11/16/16

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

49 Reasons to Attend the Family Office Super Summit & Market Folly Discount

The Family Office Super Summit is less than two weeks away and seats are almost filled.  To register for just $299, use Market Folly's exclusive promo code “Save400” to instantly save $400 off admission at this link:

Besides having an excuse to escape chilly weather to head south to sunny Miami, here's forty-nine reasons to attend this family office gathering in Miami.

Here's the speakers list:

1.    Pierre duPont – HPM Partners ($1B+ Family Office)
2.    Matthew Storm – CV Advisors (Top-50 MFO)
3.    Eric Munson – Private Family Office (SFO)
4.    Angus West – Perspecta Trust ($1B+ Family Office)
5.    Howard Cooper – Cooper Family Office (SFO)
6.    Candice Beaumont – L Investments (SFO)
7.    Timothy Jacobson – Pearl Capital Advisors (SFO)
8.    Eric Wilcomes – DuPont Capital (Pension Fund)
9.    Steven Waters – World Vision (Non-Profit)
10.    David Fisher – Bentley Capital (SFO)
11.    Michael Felman – ShoreFront Capital (SFO)
12.    Steven Simmons – Sideris Capital Partners (SFO)
13.    Tom Groos – Tyden Venture & City Light Capital (SFO)
14.    They maintain a great balance of investment executives and family offices, so many of the 700 reserve seats have been allocated to the 250+ family office executives in attendance
15.    Stacia Wells – Bilzin Sumberg
16.    Ira Perlmuter – T5 Equity Partners (SFO)
17.    Federico Benavides – Beamonte Investments (SFO)
18.    Russell Deakin – Brazil Family Office (SFO)
19.    Michael Nelson – Eagle Bay Advisors (MFO)
20.    Richard Klitzberg – McDaniel College (Endowment)
21.    Marie Arrigo – EisnerAmper LLP
22.    3 jam-packed days included with admission, including the Early-Arrivals Cocktail Reception on November 28th. This cocktail reception is open to all attendees who will be in town the night before the conference. You can view the Super Summit schedule here:
23.    Michael Sury – Indorus Holdings (SFO)
24.    Sasha Bernier – Cheltenham Investments (SFO)
25.    Richard C. Wilson – The Miami Family Office (SFO)
26.    Andrew Beaton - Capital Dynamics ($1B+ Asset Manager)
27.    Paul Smith – NAPLIA
28.    Mitch Garrett – Trump Hotels (SFO & Hospitality Investor)
29.    With catered breakfast, lunch, and cocktail receptions as well as breaks throughout, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with all the high-power executives in attendance
30.    Doug Fullaway – FourteenPlus, LLC
31.    Theodore O’Brien – The Detroit Family Office (SFO)
32.    Jeff Kissee – Capital 8 Group
33.    Vincent Pica – Safanad Inc. (SFO)
34.    Quickly add dozens of family offices and institutional investors to your relationship network, learn how they like to partner with other investors and investment managers, and become more effective in quickly navigating the family office industry
35.    Irwin Boris – Confidential Family Office (SFO)
36.    Sebastian Jano - Himan Brown Charitable Trust (SFO)
37.    Brian Shelley – Colmena Group (SFO)
38.    Karin Ford - MUFG ($1 trillion+ Asset Manager)
39.    Anthony Annino – Perspecta Trust ($1B+ Family Office)
40.    David Sobelman – Generation Income Properties
41.    JP Maroney – Harbor City Capital Management
42.    Jake Harris – Harris Bay
43.    Katherine Zamsky – Besyata Investment Group (SFO)
44.    Richard Stone – Palm Beach Investment Research Group (Non-Profit Investor Club)
45.    For nearly a decade, the Family Office Club has offered a 100% money-back guarantee on all our events so you have peace of mind registering.
46.    James Rubin – Resurgence Asset Management
47.    Carl Sheeler – Berkeley Research Group
48.    Jeff Evans –  Volta Global (SFO)
49.    Brendan Holt Dunn – Holdun Family Office (SFO)

Bonus – Reason #50: Admission for this 2-day event is just $299 for Market Folly readers (compared to $699 normal price). This special discount is only valid for the first 5 professionals to register. Use promo  code “Save400” 

Register for the event, browse the agenda and view the speaker line-up here:

If you have any questions you can give the Family Office Club a call at (305) 503-9077.

Howard Marks' Latest Memo: 'Go Figure'

Oaktree Capital's Chairman Howard Marks has been penning quite a few more letters than usual recently.  He's just released another one entitled 'Go Figure' where he talks about the results of the US Presidential election and implications.

Embedded below is Howard Marks' latest memo, 'Go Figure':

You can download a .pdf copy here.

Senator Investment Group Starts Brookdale Senior Living Stake

Alex Klabin and Doug Silverman's hedge fund firm Senator Investment Group has filed a 13G with the SEC regarding shares of Brookdale Senior Living (BKD).  Per the filing, Senator now owns 6.82% of BKD with over 12.69 million shares.

This is a newly disclosed equity position for the firm as they didn't report owning any shares as of the end of the third quarter.  The filing was made due to activity on November 4th.

You can view other recent portfolio activity from Senator here.

Per Google Finance, Brookdale Senior Living "is engaged in the operation of senior living communities in the United States. The Company has five segments: Retirement Centers; Assisted Living; CCRCs-Rental; Brookdale Ancillary Services, and Management Services. Its Retirement Centers segment includes owned or leased communities that are designed for middle to upper income seniors. Its Assisted Living segment includes owned or leased communities that offer housing and around the clock assistance with activities of daily life to mid-acuity frail and elderly residents. Its CCRCs-Rental segment includes owned or leased communities that offer a range of living arrangements and services to accommodate all levels of physical ability and health. Its Brookdale Ancillary Services segment includes the outpatient therapy, home health and hospice services. The Company's Management Services segment includes communities operated by the Company pursuant to management agreements."