What We're Reading ~ 11/16/16 ~ market folly

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What We're Reading ~ 11/16/16

Thinking strategically: the competitive edge in business, politics, and everyday life [Dixit]

Is value investing broken? [Gannon on Investing]

Understanding the art of doing nothing [Pragmatic Capitalism]

India's demonetization - what's next? [Marginal Revolution]

How to find the most persistently profitable companies [Gannon on Investing]

How investors develop bad habits [A Wealth of Common Sense]

On overconfidence and the scout mindset [Abnormal Returns] 

A pitch on American Tower (AMT) [Broad Run]

Inside Intel's race to build a new reality [Techcrunch]

In-depth interview with Liberty's John Malone [CNBC]

Interview with Michael Mauboussin [Motley Fool]

JD.com's Richard Liu takes on Alibaba in cutthroat contest for Chinese consumers [Forbes]

Guide to stocks potentially impacted by a Trump presidency [StreetInsider]

How your brain decides without you [Nautilus]

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