Friday, April 1, 2016

Hedge Fund Links ~ 4/1/16

Long and short: confessions of a portfolio manager [Lawrence Creatura]

Hedge fund co-working space [Hedge Fund Labs]

The fall of China's hedge fund king [NYTimes]

Chinese hedge funds scramble as regulators clean up 'Wild East' [Reuters]

Can 'smart beta' get you in trouble? [Mauldin]

Hedge funds have a performance problem [Bloomberg]

Investors pull cash from hedge funds as returns lag market [WSJ]

How to save money on hedge fund fees [WSJ]

What the Valeant saga tells us about the modern hedge fund [AFR]

Omega Advisors receives Wells notice [FINalternatives]

Viking Global's Enright said to have left firm [Bloomberg]

There are lots of 'Gordon Gekkos' on Wall Street, and that needs to change [Business Insider]