Friday, December 6, 2019

Investor Attendee List - Ritz Carlton Investor Event

Guest Post by Richard C. Wilson, Founder of the Family Office Club:

Our next investor club meeting, the Super Summit is at the Ritz Carlton featuring 700 participants, 200+ investors, and 75 family offices and private investors speaking on stage over a fast-paced 1.5 day agenda.  This event is called the Family Office Super Summit and some investors speaking do not want to be listed on our website or in this email due to privacy but here are 66 of the 75 speakers you will hear from and be able to network with while attending this event.

Please keep in mind not a single speaker at any of our 32 live events a year is a "paid speaker" - they are not paid to go on stage just to share their theories and insights for a speaking fee, they are here to get deals done, place capital, JV, and do business.  To attend yourself and make great connections please register here:

1.     Kevin Harrington (Single Family Office from Shark Tank)
2.     JD M.  (Single Family Office/ Fund Of Funds)
3.     Jonathan B. ($1B+ Multifamily Office)
4.     William P. (Single Family Office/ Angel Investor)
5.     Marco Antonio S. (Single Family Office)
6.     Bo M. (Angel Investor)
7.     Gregor K. (Single Family Office)
8.     Cristina C. (Multifamily Office)
9.     Marc L. (Wealth Manager)
10.   Nazar "Nick" N. (Single Family Office)
11.   Peter H. (Single Family Office)
12.   Bharat H. (Single Family Office)
13.   Paul K. ($1B+ Multifamily Office)
14.   Sarah H. (Single Family Office)
15.   Joshua  C. (Single Family Office)
16.   Carlos I. (Single Family Office)
17.   Rick S. (Single Family Office)
18.   Jose V.  (Multifamily Office)
19.   Eric M. (Single Family Office)
20.   Bharat S. (Single Family Office)
21.   Candice B. (Single Family Office)
22.   Julie N. ($1B+ Multifamily Office)
23.   Brian D. (Single Family Office)
24.   Dan K. (Private Investor)
25.   Simon L. (Single Family Office)
26.   Teresa E.  (Angel Investor)
27.   PJ M. (Multifamily Office)
28.   David G. (Single Family Office)
29.   Paul K. (Single Family Office)
30.   Sasha B (Single Family Office)
31.   Pierre D. (Single Family Office)
32.   Fillipo P. (Single Family Office)
33.   Moshe  L. (Angel Investor)
34.   David F. (Single Family Office)
35.   Duel G. (Single Family Office)
36.   Andrew A. (Angel Investor)
37.   Greg S.  (Corporate Venture)
38.   Dan G. (Multifamily Office)
39.   William A. (Wealth Manager)
40.   Randy W. (Wealth Manager)
41.   Charles S. (Angel Investor)
42.   Brian S. (REIT)
43.   James S. (Single Family Office)
44.   Joe B. (Private Investor)
45.   Eddie L. (Private Investor)
46.   Gene S. (Single Family Office)
47.   Pratik S. (Single Family Office)
48.   Jason P. (Angel Investor/ Seed Investor)
49.   Michael Blank (Single Family Office)
50.   Manuel B. (Single Family Office)
51.   Sheetal J (Single Family Office)
52.   Molly G. (Wealth Manger)
53.   Tom W. (Private Investor)
54.   Alejandro L. (Angel Investor)
55.   Wan Li Z. (Angel Investor)
56.   Geoff T. (Single Family Office)
57.   Demian W. (Multifamily Office)
58.   Luiz P. (Multifamily Office)
59.   Thomas Z (Single Family Office)
60.   Adam F. (Single Family Office)
61.   David B (Single Family Office)
62.   Rob B. (Single Family Office)
63.   Cliff O (Single Family Office)
64.   Manny F. (Single Family Office)
65.   Robert H. (Single Family Office)
66.   Kamil H. (Single Family Office)

In case this is your first time interacting with the Family Office Club, we are a 20 person team, 12 year old organization, and we have hosted 130 events over the last 12 years.  We provide the Family Office Club media and event community, and help families with their direct investment strike zone development and deal flow access.  Please let me know if you have any questions about this event or our organization overall.

Hopefully, we will be shaking hands in 11 days at the event.  The speakers, benefits of attending, agenda, venue details, and registration form are here:

Richard C. Wilson
Team Help Line: (305) 503-9077
Membership Director
Family Office Club
328 Crandon Blvd. #225
Key Biscayne, Florida 33149

The Family Office Club has over 1,750 registered investors and 30 live events a year