Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What We're Reading ~ 1/25/17

US investors favored passive funds over active by a record margin in 2016 [Morningstar]

The best investment writings of 2016 [Meb Faber]

On 3G Capital and the Kraft Heinz merger [Fortune]

A chat with Daniel Kahneman [Collaborative Fund]

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What is your edge? [Base Hit Investing]

On expected risk [A Wealth of Common Sense]

Simon Property Group fights to reinvent the shopping mall [Fortune]

Facebook: Inside Instagram's reinvention [Recode]

Amazon expands into ocean freight [WSJ]

A pitch on Bolloré [Greenwood Investors]

Trump team compiles infrastructure priority list [McClatchy]

New FCC chief wants to destroy net neutrality [CNBC]

The great A.I. awakening [NYTimes]

Summary of some of the latest tech products featured at CES [Learning By Shipping]

Americans use debit cards twice as much as credit [Marketwatch]

China's biggest messaging app is on a collision course with Apple [TechInAsia]

How Social Cash made WeChat the app for everything [Fast Company]

When the Chinese come out to shop [OliverWyman]

How Netflix lost big to Amazon in India [Backchannel]

The best and worst airlines of 2016 [WSJ]

Carlos Slim's profit margins are right where Mexico wants them [Bloomberg]

Reasons to buy bonds in 2017 [Peter Lazaroff]