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Friday, September 26, 2014

What We're Reading ~ Hedge Fund Links 9/26/14

Are hedge funds losing their appeal? [Institutional Investor]

SEC finds deficiencies at hedge funds [WSJ]

On hedge fund crowding [Alpha Beta Works]

Julian Robertson: bond bubble to end in 'very bad way' [Bloomberg]

Is that hedge fund really worth it? [Los Altos]

Hedge funds are still finding love, just not at Calpers [Dealbook]

Paulson pushed for Family Dollar sale as passive investor [Bloomberg]

Capitalising on the surge in hedge fund start-ups [COO Connect]

Financial elite's offspring start their own hedge funds [WSJ]

Spanish fund manager Parames said to leave Bestinver [BusinessWeek]

Tiger Global raising another huge venture fund [Fortune]

Merger arb: getting your stick to where the puck will be [All About Alpha]

Intel's use of hedge funds: another perspective [Cordant]

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