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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hedge Fund Performance Updates

This past weekend I received some information regarding the performance of some very notable hedge funds year to date. Note that these performance figures are year to date as of June.

- Harbinger Capital up 42.8%
- Renaissance Technologies (Futures fund) up 7.75%
- Paulson & Co (Advantage fund) up 20.58%
- Daniel Loeb's Third Point fund up 2.49%

- Carl Icahn's fund down -9.44%
- Steven Cohen's SAC Capital (Multistrat fund) up 1.92%
- Bristol LP up 28.14%

I'll post up some more numbers as I receive them, but so far this is all I've got. I'll definitely be adding Harbinger Capital to my hedge fund 13f tracking series. (I can already tell you they are up so much this year due to their massive bets against the housing market and their smart decision to short the sh*t out of Bear Stearns).

In about a month or so, the next round of quarterly 13f's will be released and I will be expanding my coverage. I've received numerous questions asking if I was going to continue coverage on more hedge funds from the last set of 13fs but I figured I would just wait a few weeks until the next round are out since we are already so close; that way I can get a fresh start. I'm really going to buckle down on this next round of 13f's and cover a ton more hedge funds than last go-round. I will provide in depth coverage for some of the major funds, but other funds will merely be highlighted with top holdings and major changes. For the most part, I'll try to do detailed analyses. But, for some funds, its simply not worth it. SAC Capital for instance, due to their short-term trading segment, often holds in excess of 300 positions. Needless to say, going line by line on a 13f comparing quarter to quarter can get quite tedious. My focus in summarizing these reports is to find tangible investment theses that these funds are employing. Therefore, I mainly focus on value, activist, or macro oriented funds, rather than trading or quant funds.

Look for my hedge fund tracking series in the coming weeks. For those of you who didn't see my coverage of various hedge fund portfolios last quarter, check out my post here.