Paul Tudor Jones & Tudor Investment Corp Update ~ market folly

Monday, August 25, 2008

Paul Tudor Jones & Tudor Investment Corp Update

Just came across some information regarding our macro pal Paul Tudor Jones. According to the NY Post, Tudor has gone quantitative, opening a new fund with nearly $1 billion called the Tensor fund, run by Steve Evans. This, of course, in addition to their macro and equity funds. And, apparently, their quant fund is kicking ass and taking names. Currently returning 18.9% year to date, their Tensor fund is besting the likes of quant legends Goldman Sachs' Global Equities Opportunities fund (up less than 1% year to date) and Jim Simons' Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund (down 4% year to date).

Also, as reported earlier this month, Paul Tudor Jones and his sidekick James Pallotta will be parting company come the end of the year, with Pallotta off to start his own equities fund (which I will be keeping my eye on when he spins off).

Lastly, we now know that Tudor Investment Corp's main fund, the $11 billion B.V.I. Fund, is up 2.3% year to date. Check back later this week, as I will be detailing the changes to Tudor's portfolio as I analyze their quarterly 13F filing.

Source: NY Post