John Griffin's Blue Ridge Capital Files 13G on Millipore (MIL) ~ market folly

Friday, October 17, 2008

John Griffin's Blue Ridge Capital Files 13G on Millipore (MIL)

According to a 13G filing made with the SEC on October 16th, Blue Ridge Capital ran by John Griffin has disclosed a 5.47% ownership stake in Millipore (MIL). Blue Ridge disclosed that they now own 3,020,000 shares of MIL as of October 6th. This is an increase from their position that they disclosed in their most recent 13F, which had revealed their positions as of June 30th. Back then, they owned 2,700,000 shares. Since then, they have accumulated 320,000 more shares to bring them to their current holding of a 5.47% ownership stake in MIL. You can see the rest of Blue Ridge's portfolio holdings here. Blue Ridge seeks absolute returns by investing in companies who dominate their industries and shorting the companies who have fundamental problems.

Taken from Google Finance, Millipore (MIL) is "a life science company that provides products, services and solutions. The Company’s academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical customers use its consumable products and services in laboratory applications and in biopharmaceutical manufacturing."

You can view the 13G as filed with the SEC here.

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