Stanley Shopkorn (ex-Moore Capital Management) Opens Hilltop Park Fund LP ~ market folly

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stanley Shopkorn (ex-Moore Capital Management) Opens Hilltop Park Fund LP

Today, Hilltop Park Fund LP will begin trading. This new hedge fund was started by Stanley Shopkorn, former head of equities trading at Louis Bacon’s Moore Capital Management LLC. Hilltop opens up in a sour environment, where protecting and growing capital will undoubtedly be a tedious affair. But, I'm sure with Mr. Shopkorn's experience and knowledge that they will try their best to not start off on the wrong foot.

Hilltop is of particular interest to me because Shopkorn comes from Louis Bacon's Moore Capital Management, a prominent global macro hedge fund. And, since Shopkorn used to head the equities trading department at Moore, you can bet he will be using equities at his new fund. So, look forward to November, where we will get a glimpse of the "global macro" thought process when it comes to equities they are investing in. We'll then compare them to Moore's equity holdings to see where Shopkorn is differing with his strategy. If you want to see Moore Capital Management's most recently portfolio holdings, you can find them here.

Source: HedgeCo