Tremblant Capital Discloses 5.2% Stake in Advanced Medical Optics (EYE) in 13G Filing ~ market folly

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tremblant Capital Discloses 5.2% Stake in Advanced Medical Optics (EYE) in 13G Filing

In a 13G filing made with the SEC on October 17th, Tremblant Capital has disclosed a 5.2% Ownership Stake in Advanced Medical Optics (EYE). Tremblant is a $4.1 billion hedge fund ran by Bret Barakett. This adjustment to the position was made on October 7th and they have disclosed that they now own 3,152,157 shares of EYE. In their most recent 13F filing disclosing positions as of June 30th, they had previously held 2,703,709 shares of EYE as well as 329,400 shares worth of calls on EYE. So, they have since increased their common share position in EYE by 448,448 shares. You can view all of Tremblant's portfolio holdings here. Additionally, Tremblant recently disclosed an ownership stake in PharmaNet Development (PDGI), which you can read about here. And, lastly, you can find Tremblant's year-to-date performance (along with numerous other hedge fund numbers) here.

Taken from Google Finance, Advanced Medical Optics (EYE) is "engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of medical devices for the eye. The Company has three product lines: cataract / implant, laser vision correction, and eye care. In the cataract and implant market, it focuses on four products required for cataract surgery: foldable intraocular lenses (IOLs), implantation systems, phacoemulsification systems and viscoelastics. In the laser vision correction market, the Company markets excimer and femtosecond laser systems, related treatment cards and disposable patient interfaces, and diagnostic devices. The Company’s eye care product line provides a range of contact lens care products for use with most types of contact lenses."

You can view the 13G as filed with the SEC here.

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