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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holiday Deals: Financial Edition

Since Black Friday and all the Holiday sales are upon us, we've decided to just highlight a few deals we're seeing on the financial side of things.

  1. The Wall Street Journal for 75% off. Includes both the print and online editions. The rough economy has hit advertising budgets, so WSJ and other publications are cranking out the deals.
  2. FREE Quicken Online. A great tool for managing all your finances... and best of all its now completely free.
  3. $60 off Investors Business Daily. Another good deal on a well-known financial publication. Not to mention, you get 4 bonus weeks free too.
  4. Free Stock Trades with Zecco. No joke, 10 free trades a month with Zecco. I use them as one of my brokers and the $50-60 you save in commissions each month adds up quick. That's easily $650+ in savings each year.

Stay tuned next week for when we debut our Holiday Wishlist: Financial Edition, for some gift ideas for that savvy investor/trader you know.... or just for yourself hah.

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