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Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank You to Our Readers

First and foremost: Thank you, readers! We are proud to announce that we have recently reached 1,000 RSS/Email subscribers! Additionally, we are now seeing around 3,500+ visitors to the blog daily.

This blog started due to my passion for investing, the hedge fund industry, and the markets in general. The goal was to serve a niche in the finance community by tracking hedge funds as a means to share my passion and provide a resource to others. We feel we've done just that and will continue to make improvements in whatever way we can. Thanks very much for your support!

If you haven't already,

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And, lastly, feel free to contact us at anytime:

We would love suggestions on how to improve the site, what you like, what you don't like... all that good stuff. Oh, and if you just love the markets we want to hear from you too. We've exchanged emails with tons of readers thus far, talking about the markets, hedge funds, and sharing resources. So whatever's on your mind, drop us a line.

Thanks for reading!

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