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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hedge Funds: March Redemptions & Mid-April Performance Numbers

We wanted to touch on two quick data points really quickly. Firstly, HedgeFund.net is out saying that Hedge Fund assets only fell by 1% in March 2009. This is a mix of net redemptions of around 3% and a performance of 2% for the same month. As we've pointed out before, this is still a pretty significant number, but overall, the redemption wave is decelerating a little bit, rather than accelerating. We have postulated numerous times that October and November was the major splash in the pool and that various ripples will be felt for the next year or two until the industry stabilizes.

Secondly, Here's a quick look at how some major hedge funds are performing midway through April 2009, courtesy of our friends over at Zero Hedge.

(click to enlarge)

Keep in mind that we've covered the portfolios of numerous hedge funds listed above. So, if you're curious as to what many of those funds are holding, check out our cumulative list of hedge fund portfolio coverage.

And then we also wanted to toss in a few other interesting pieces. As of 4/17/09, here is the Hedge Fund Performance Review (in downloadable .pdf format) courtesy of Dealbreaker. Lastly, we covered the March 2009 performance figures in a previous post as well if you've missed that. Hedge Fund land marches on.

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