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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wall Street 2 the Movie

Greed is good.

I know there will be a few people excited about this news: The sequel to the movie Wall Street is now green to go. Fox recently was out saying that Oliver Stone is on board to direct, Michael Douglas will be back as Gordon Gekko, and they are negotiating with Shia LeBeouf for a new 'Bud Fox' style of character, this time as a Wall Street trader. The focus of the film will stay on Gekko's character, but any details beyond that are scarce.

This sequel has been on again and off again, but now it looks to be given the green light for sure and Fox hopes to starting shooting sometime in the summer. Originally, the film was being tossed around with the title "Money Never Sleeps," but now will apparently just be titled "Wall Street 2."

For those of you who have never seen the original, it's a classic and you need to definitely watch it in all it's 80's glory. You can pick up Wall Street on DVD here (20th Anniversary edition) and on Bluray here. This is an essential flick for anyone involved in markets and graced our list of gifts for those in finance.

Source: LA Times

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