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Monday, July 20, 2009

How To Get a Job At a Hedge Fund / 'Tiger Cub' Family Tree

We've got a quick guest post from Hunter at Distressed Debt Investing that we're sure many readers will be interested in, entitled: How to Get a Job at a Hedge Fund. Here it is:

As Jay can attest to, one of the more rewarding experiences of financial blogging is the ability to answer readers' questions ranging from: "Do you like XYZ stock?" to "Do you think business school is for me?" to "What do you think about this hedge fund manager?" and beyond. One question that I personally get, more often than not, is "How do I get a hedge fund job?" This is not an easy question to answer in a few short paragraph email. So, I decided to create a new blog, focused solely on the process (from A to Z...i.e. resume building to salary negotiations) of getting a hedge fund job. Not lacking in originality...I decided to entitle the blog "How to Get a Hedge Fund Job" In the coming weeks, I am going to lay out for readers, in the most practical way possible, my thoughts on the best way to lay out your resume, to get the interviews, what kind of questions you will get asked in the interview, etc. In tribute to Jay, and all the hard work he has done following Julian Robertson's Tiger Cubs, I worked with a few friends to lay out, to the best of our knowledge, the list of Julian Robertson's Tiger Cubs (Fund Name and Principal). I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please shoot me an email: Hunter [at] distressed-debt-investing [dot] com.

Tiger Management – Julian Robertson

  • Blue Ridge Capital – John Griffin
    • Bridger Management – Roberto Mignone
      • Valinor Management – David Gallo
  • Maverick Capital – Lee Ainslie
    • Highside Capital Management – Lee Hobson
    • Impala Asset Management – Robert Bishop
  • Viking Global Investors – Andreas Halvorsen
    • Tiger Eye Capital – Benjamin Gambill
    • Hoplite Capital – John Lykouretzos
  • Touradji Capital – Paul Touradji > Gentry Beach and Rob Vollero
  • Lone Pine Capital – Stephen Mandel
    • White Elm Capital – Matthew Iorio
    • Conatus Capital – David Stemerman
  • Shumway Capital Partners (Chris Shumway)
    • Suranya Capital Partners – Anu Murgai
    • JAT Capital – John Thaler
  • Toscafund – Martin Hughes
  • Ospraie Management - Dwight Anderson
  • Second Curve Capital – Tom Brown
  • Coatue Capital Management – Philippe Laffont
  • Ridgefield Capital Management – Robert Ellis
  • Discovery Capital Management – Rob Citrone
  • Longhorn Capital Partners – Kris Kristynik
  • Healthcor – Arthur B Cohen
  • Pantera Capital Management – Dan Morehead
  • Bowman Capital Management – Lawrence Bowman
  • Millgate Capital – James Lyle
  • Intrepid Capital Management – Steve Shapiro
  • Argonaut Capital Management – David Gerstenhaber
  • Elmwood Advisors – Quinn Riordan
  • Deerfield Capital – Arnold Snider
  • Duff Capital Advisors – Philip Duff
    • North Sound Capital (Rolled into Duff Capital) – Tom McAuley
  • Joho Capital – Robert Karr
  • Roundrock Capital Management – Peter Vig
  • Speedwell – Fuyuki Fujiwara
  • Williamson McAree Investment Partners – Ed McAree & Robert Williamson
  • Asian Century Quest – Brian Kelly
  • Sun Valley Gold – Peter Palmedo

Tiger Management v 2.0

  • Tiger Global – Chase Coleman
  • Tiger Asia – Bill Hwang
    • Kylin Management – Ted Kang
  • Tiger Shark Management – Tom Facciola & Michael Sears
  • Tiger Consumer – Patrick McCormack
  • Tiger Veda – Manish Chopra
  • Torrey Pines Capital Management – Robert Jafek
  • Fox Point Capital Management –Charles Anderson
  • Axial Capital Management – Eliav Assouline
  • Miura Global Management – Pasco Alfaro
  • WRA Investment – William Araskog
  • Hound Partners – Jonathan Auerbach
  • Goshen Investments – Christopher Burns
  • Apos Capital Management – Alok Agrawal
  • Centurion Global – Michael Popow
  • DLH Capital Management – Rodrigo Andrade
  • Eastern Advisors – Scott Booth
  • Emerging Sovreign Group – J Kevin Kenny Jr
  • Firemark Advisors – Michael Morrissey
  • Kelusa Capital - ???
  • Lanexa Global Management – Ian Murray
  • Maple Leaf Partners - ???
  • Pelagic Capital – McAndrew Rudisill
  • Venesprie Capital Management – Quincy Fennebresque

Thanks again to Hunter for the write-up and be on the lookout for some great content on his new site for those of you interested in breaking into the industry!

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