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Friday, August 21, 2009

Alphaclone Hedge Fund Portfolios Rebalancing This Evening

Wanted to let everyone know that today Alphaclone is rebalancing all of the hedge fund clone portfolios to reflect the newest 13F filings that are out. This rebalance also affects our Market Folly custom portfolio. So, to see what new positions the current iteration of our clone holds, make sure to check Alphaclone this evening once the rebalance has taken place.

Also, we have exciting news in that we have just created a new version of our Market Folly custom portfolio and we'll be announcing the changes shortly. We have decided to replace/add hedge funds into the mix as we have inserted funds that are tracked more accurately because they are more focused on equities. Additionally, we are focusing now on a blend of old and new. It will include older, proven managers with some slightly newer managers that we believe are poised to succeed.

In essence, we view our custom hedge fund clone portfolio as if we were running a fund of funds, just without the absurd extra layer of fees. We have used our background and knowledge on various hedge funds and their strategies to select managers who have a history of solid stockpicking and who we feel can outperform over the long-term. Additionally, our familiarity with the caveats surrounding 13F filings has allowed us to select funds that are an ideal match for replicating a portfolio via SEC filings.

Check out Alphaclone this evening to see the rebalanced portfolios and check back here as we will soon unveil the newest iteration of our Market Folly Custom Portfolio!

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