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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fibonacci Retracements S&P 500: Technical Analysis Video

Since we like to look at both sides of the argument, we thought it would be prudent to highlight a potential bullish scenario as identified by technical analysis. This comes after we just earlier today looked at two reasons to be bearish.

The bullish scenario stems from a potential inverse head and shoulders and levels identified by Fibonacci retracements. Here's the video that outlines the potential scenario. (Unfamiliar with Fibonacci? Watch this educational video).

A screenshot we've taken from the video highlights that the retracement tool was drawn from the highs of October last year to the lows of March of this year. By placing it as such, it identifies four potential fibonacci retracements at S&P 500 levels of: 878, 1011, 1119, and 1227. We are currently floating around the 38.2% retracement of 1011 and looks like we may head higher. When the market initially flew past the 23.6% retracement at S&P 878, we noticed that it came back down and tested that level. That level held and the market was propelled higher. The next stop in terms of retracements where we might see resistance is 1119 and after that, 1227. If the potential inverse head and shoulders plays out to fruition, then 1227 on the S&P would be a likely upside target.

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The guys over at MarketClub have done a nice job of walking you through everything so you really only need to watch the first half of the Fibonacci retracement video. While we are not bullish at this moment, we want to be clear that it's always prudent to examine both sides of the argument. (After all, Doug Kass called a top in the market for this year). One of our favorite sayings is that the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones likes to let the market guide him and that's exactly what we'll do here.

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