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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Long Can The Rally Last?

First and foremost, no one can deny that the trend right now is up. The guys over at MarketClub have placed an emphasis on the saying, "don't fight the tape." At the same time though, they wonder how long the market rally can really last. They highlight the 50% fibonacci retracement as potential resistance ahead at Dow 10,339 in their latest market technical analysis video. They don't debate that the trend is up. However, they feel that the market has the potential to begin to roll-over and so they're watching cautiously. The market has been stair-stepping higher and each sell-off is met with more buying. What's important to watch is those levels where the market reversed and headed higher yet again. If the market takes out those mini-dip levels to the downside, they say that could be your signal it is starting to roll over. But still, "don't fight the tape." Wait for the weakness at the levels they outline in the video.

Also, if you're interested in technical analysis on specific equities, they recently put out a video on Research in Motion (RIMM). They think this name could potentially trade all the way down to the $40s, even after their announcement of a share buyback. The current technical pattern is bearish for RIMM in the coming weeks according to the video.

Lastly, they turn to commodities. In a crude oil video, they are taking a look at classic charting patterns that are taking shape. They note to pay attention to the MACD, saying that if it crosses the average it will be bullish. Aditionally, the commodity itself has gone into a flag pattern which has the potential to send oil much higher. So, they say to keep an eye on the chart. See their crude oil analysis here.

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