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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Market Folly Custom Portfolio Ranked #1 On Alphaclone Leaderboard

We have some fantastic news to report in that our very own Market Folly custom 'hedgefundesque' portfolio is ranked #1 on Alphaclone's leaderboard for all fund strategies! Upon checking out their leaderboard, we discovered that if you select the 'max' date-range and search for 50% hedged strategies, our clone is ranked #1 out of all the various funds they track with a total return of 878.3%, an annualized return of 26.1%, and Alpha of 23.4 all since January of 2000. This of course is the portfolio we post updates on each month. The portfolio takes positions from 3 handpicked hedge funds we've selected and combines them into a cohesive hedgefundesque clone by taking the top 3 holdings of each fund, equal weighting them, and then employing a 50% market hedge.

What's even more impressive to us is the fact that not only is our MF clone ranked #1, we have 5+ more iterations of our clone ranked in the top 25 of Alphaclone's leaderboard. These other MF clones simply take our portfolio and use different strategies such as 'top 2 holdings,' 'top 5 best ideas,' etc. If you have an Alphaclone account, head over there and click on 'leaderboard' on the top and play around to see what funds have the best returns in the cloning universe. Our clones make an appearance in almost every category you select and we're quite proud of this feat. If you don't have an Alphaclone account, take advantage of their 14-day free trial to check our portfolio out and to see the leaderboard.

Here's a screenshot we took of the current leaderboard:

(click to enlarge)

And as always, here's our latest performance update from the month prior:

October 2009
Market Folly clone: -3.0%
S&P 500: -1.9%

YTD 2009
MF: +11.9%
S&P 500: +17.0%

Total return since January 2000
MF: +878.3%
S&P 500: -15.1%

Annualized return
MF: +26.1%
S&P 500: -1.6%

And here is a screenshot of the current performance overview:

(click to enlarge)

Our Market Folly 'hedgefundesque' portfolio is now up 11.9% year-to-date versus 17% for the S&P500, continuing its role as a hedged instrument that captures some, but not all of major upward moves and protects from downside risk. Head over to Alphaclone to see the positions our portfolio is currently holding and make note that here in the next 2 weeks our clone will rebalance with new holdings to reflect the latest 13F filings.

If you're unfamiliar with the MF portfolio, check out our introductory post here. We'll continue to post up monthly performance an ongoing basis. Definitely stay tuned in the next two weeks when our portfolio rebalances with new positions. Not to mention, we'll be *updating* our fund to better position it going forward in an effort to select fund managers we think will outperform over the long-term. Stay tuned to see what up and coming hedge fund we add into the mix.

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