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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Learn How To Become A Hedge Fund Analyst

If you desire to be a hedge fund analyst or are looking to refine your fundamental research process, then this post is for you. Band Of Analysts is a community of hedge fund analysts dedicated to sharing their experience, knowledge, and ideas and we can personally vouch for the site as we are a member. Through Powerpoint presentations, access to Excel financial models and educational videos, you can learn to perform the buyside research that hedge fund analysts execute on a daily basis. And, here's the best part: we've secured a 30% recurring discount for our readers. Sign up using discount code: MFolly.

The tools on Band of Analysts are literally as if you're looking over the shoulder of a hedge fund analyst as they explain their work. Current situations and investment ideas are analyzed frequently and the discussion forums serve as a great resource for everyone to discuss these ideas. You can view a sample presentation here. Additionally, you can view a list of some of the lessons covered here. Make sure to use discount code: MFolly, in order to secure your savings.

Here's some thoughts on Band of Analysts from another member:

"I wanted to learn how to invest and I tried a number of resources before I came across Band of Analysts. I am very satisfied with the appropriateness of the content of Band of Analysts. This is the only resource I came across which actually taught me how to invest. The tutorials not only helped me to get started with analyzing the financial reports and building valuation models from scratch, it also exposed me to a number of investment strategies like binary outcome bets, event driven investing, convertible arbitrage etc. I will strongly recommend Band of Analysts to anyone who wants to learn investments and break into the asset management and hedge fund domain."

To receive the exclusive 30% recurring discount, click here to sign-up with the code: MFolly. We look forward to interacting with many of you there!

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