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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sprott's December Commentary: "Is It All Just a Ponzi Scheme?"

Hedge fund firm Sprott Asset Management sent out their December market commentary a while back and we wanted to make sure everyone has seen it because it's quite a strong piece entitled, "Is It All Just a Ponzi Scheme?" in reference to the Fed. This piece comes after we learned that Sprott would be launching a physical gold trust for investors that will compete with the popular exchange traded fund, GLD. Their December commentary is also somewhat of an add-on from their October piece entitled, "Dead Government Walking." Their viewpoints on the government and their actions have become quite clear.

Embedded below is Sprott's 'Markets at a Glance' piece by Eric Sprott and David Franklin:

You can also download the .pdf here.

We've been posting up other great market commentary from hedge funds such as Woodbine Capital with their piece Gold: The Anti-Goldilocks. Sprott is more bullish on precious metals as evidenced by their research, Gold: The Ultimate Triple-A Asset so as you can see it's always interesting to check out the varying viewpoints amongst money managers. Sprott have clearly outlined their point of view and have positioned their portfolio accordingly, taking a defensive posture.

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