What We're Reading ~ 12/11/09 ~ market folly

Friday, December 11, 2009

What We're Reading ~ 12/11/09

We want to remind everyone that if you want great market related links each day, Abnormal Returns is the best source for that and it's one of our daily reads.

Bob Farrell's ten rules for investing [Business Insisder]

Wall Street is looking at the wrong 60 years [Absolute Return + Alpha]

John Markman's predictions/thoughts on investing in 2010 [MSN Money]

"Robert Rodriguez ignores most rules of the mutual fund industry, an approach that's helped him beat all rival managers over the past 25 years." [Bloomberg]

Top 10 buys and sells from their 'ultimate stock pickers' portfolio [Morningstar]

A granular look into a $6 billion REIT - is it headed for danger? [zero hedge]

Return of the hedge fund [Investment News]

Gold isn't the best hedge against inflation [Bloomberg]

Career advice from John Paulson [eFinancialCareers]

New Stream Capital denies problems [HF Implode]

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