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Friday, February 26, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 2/26/10

An analysis of Pepsi's acquisition of its bottlers (a popular hedge fund trade) from a new blog we recommend checking out [Merger Arbitrage Investing]

The many myths of Warren Buffett [Pragmatic Capitalist]

Explaining the secular shift towards bonds [Trader's Narrative]

Yield curve steepest in history: is the meaning different this time? [Mish's Global Economic Analysis]

How a Texas hedge fund manager made millions betting against Europe [WSJ ~ this article is behind a paywall unfortunately and if you don't have access here's a WSJ discount]

A primer on Credit Default Swaps (CDS) [Pragmatic Capitalist]

Ex-SAC Manager's new hedge fund soars: Ping [FINalternatives]

How to ride Seth Klarman's coattails [Mebane Faber for Forbes]

Hedge funds try career trade against the euro [WSJ] & we previously posted how hedgies have the shortest position ever against the euro

Ten Wall Street blogs you need to bookmark now [David Weidner]

Battered RAB Capital to auction prized funds [FT]

Shia LaBeouf talks about prepping for filming Wall Street 2 and how he traded [Youtube]

For the newbies: A beginner's trading terminology webinar [MarketClub]

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