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Friday, March 19, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 3/19/10

Richard Wilson's new book Start A Hedge Fund Now [Richard Wilson]

If you're looking for quality investment related links on a daily basis, we want to again point out AbnormalReturns [Abnormal Returns]

Why Goldman Sachs (GS) is worth a look at these low P/E levels [Peridot Capitalist]

Where to invest when interest rates are so low [Aleph Blog]

An interview with Bruce Greenwald [Value Walk]

Taking a look at Novell (NOVL) [Merger Arbitrage Investing]

Atticus' Siritunga to launch new fund [FINalternatives]

Research on 'side by side' managers that run both mutual and hedge funds [All About Alpha]

Profile of legendary trader & founder of hedge fund Caxton, Bruce Kovner [NY Mag]

Sprott's Last Decade Retrospective [zero hedge]

Hedge funds: how big is too big? (direct .pdf download link) [Money Science]

A great Harvard thesis on the CDO meltdown (direct .pdf download link) [Harvard]

Pioneering fund stages second act (Jim Simons' Rentec) [WSJ]

Hedge fund Farallon regroups after a knockdown [WSJ]

An inside look at for-profit education companies [NYTimes]

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