What We're Reading ~ 5/21/10 ~ market folly

Friday, May 21, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 5/21/10

Richard Russell says sell anything [Pragmatic Capitalism]

New leadership for a new normal [Abnormal Returns]

Hedge funds Highbridge & York Capital have been taking risk off the table [Dealbreaker]

A hedge fund manager says 'we are done with financials' [FT Alphaville]

PIMCO's risk filled global outlook [Felix Salmon, Reuters]

Are mortgages cheap or not? [Paul Kedrosky]

CKE Restaurants: Is a higher bid coming? [Merger Arbitrage Investing]

How Goldman's recommended trades cost clients billions [Zero Hedge]

David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital offers fund share class denominated in gold [Marketwatch]

The brave new world of money management [Institutional Investor]

Charting banking: commercial real estate [Variant Perceptions]

Hedge fund marketing: 10 steps to gain more clients [HedgeTracker]

Will Transocean easily ride out the gulf oil spill? [bnet]

Doug Kass: fear is the rational buyer's friend [TheStreet]

How to play China's growth: buy fertilizer [Times Online]

Will hedge fund Harbinger make a play for Inmarsat? [The Guardian]

Fear of a double-dip recession could cause one [Robert Shiller, NYTimes]

2010's coming stock market crash [Fortune]

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