What We're Reading ~ 5/28/10 ~ market folly

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 5/28/10

Pequot Capital & Art Samberg to pay $28 million to settle insider trading charges [FINalternatives]

Scottwood Capital got taken to the woodshed last month [Dealbreaker]

Taking issue with/smacking down David Einhorn's Ira Sohn speech [Pragmatic Capitalism]

The genetic makeup of winning stocks, a case study [Valuehuntr]

How hedge funds shaped financial reform [AR Hedge]

Is Google (GOOG) a growth or value stock? [YCharts]

Tons of hedge funds bought Google in the first quarter, Citi thinks it's a buy too [Business Insider]

Lessons for the apprenticed investor [Big Picture]

Equity analysts are always overoptimistic [Greenbackd]

Seven worries for Wall Street & what's next [Marketwatch]

How StockTwits is changing trading (we're an active participant) [Fast Company]

Tigris Financial goes all-in on gold (subscription required to view; here's a WSJ discount) [WSJ]

Some recent hedge fund performance numbers (they're ugly) [HFAlert]

Hedge funds are eyeing auto-parts makers for possible acquisitions [BusinessWeek]

Many hedge funds have been buying CME Group, here's a reason why [Fortune]

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