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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dan Arbess Ira Sohn Presentation: Investing As The Foundation Shifts

Today again courtesy of Dealbreaker we wanted to highlight Dan Arbess' recent presentation from the Ira Sohn Investment Conference entitled, 'Investing As The Foundation Shifts'. We had previously summarized the Ira Sohn Conference and have detailed numerous presentations from the event. This time around, we're taking a deeper look at the slideshow from Dan Arbess, the Xerion Fund manager at Perella Weinberg Partners. Just yesterday, we looked at Dan Arbess' portfolio commentary and identified that he is seeing opportunity in stressed credit and owning what China wants to buy. And now, we'll focus on some of his additional investment ideas.

When we summarized the Ira Sohn Investment Conference, we noted that Arbess was bullish on China exposure and in particular, Yum Brands (YUM) given their prolific expansion into the country. He isn't alone in his conviction here as we've seen a slew of hedge funds add positions in Yum Brands in recent quarters. In particular, we made note of Bill Ackman's YUM stake.

If you hadn't already guessed from the title, the theme of Arbess' presentation centered around a shift in the global economy. He wants to 'shake hands' with China and overall sees less borrowing in the Western world coupled with more consumption in the Eastern world. He says you can play this theme by shorting overleveraged Western producers, shorting weak currencies, and hedging monetary debasement with precious metals and miners. Arbess is also bullish on Ivanhoe (IVN) due to its solid assets and position in the metallurgical coal space.

This echoes what many hedge funds have already practiced. Hedgies have been quite short the euro (currently a weak currency) but they have been covering as of late. Additionally, tons of prominent investment managers have boosted gold exposure in their portfolios either by adding the physical metal or gold mining companies. Arbess doubts this is a top in gold and is using exposure there to hedge against inflation.

Sticking with the Asian growth theme, the Xerion Fund manager also likes Solutia (SOA) and Celanese (CE) as they both are seeing solid growth overseas. Arbess also seemingly pokes fun at a previous presentation we've posted up from Vitaliy Katsenelson entitled, China: The Mother of All Black Swans by including a picture of the lead slide from that slideshow with a giant "NOT" stamped across it. (How about a nice little Borat impersonation here for our comedic readers: "China is the mother of all black swans..... ... .....NOT.")

Ahem, anyways. Embedded below is Daniel Arbess' presentation from the Ira Sohn Conference, "Investing As The Foundation Shifts":

You can download a .pdf copy here.

For more from Arbess, head to his Xerion Fund portfolio commentary. We also recommend viewing the other presentations from the Ira Sohn Conference including David Einhorn's speech, as well as Bill Ackman's presentation and last but not least, Steve Eisman's latest investment thesis. You can also view a summary of the conference here.

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