What We're Reading ~ 6/11/10 ~ market folly

Friday, June 11, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 6/11/10

Ex-Polar Capital star founds new hedge fund [FINalternatives]

Good presentation on Benjamin Graham's ideologies [ValuePlays]

Which prompted us to re-read through Graham's book, The Intelligent Investor [Ben Graham]

The mega bearish chart [dshort]

A random walk through secular bear markets [Trader's Narrative]

Thoughts for those buying BP [Big Picture]

A look at Seahawk Drilling (HAWK) [Greenbackd]

And also an analysis of Noble (NE) [Manual of Ideas]

Where is the commercial real estate crash? [Fortune]

A great resource for retail bond investors looking for quotes & transparency [InvestingInBonds]

Prominent hedge funds piece together succession plans [Business Week]

George Soros' recent speech claiming we're entering Act II of the crisis [Dealbook]

Chime in on what fellow blogger David Merkel should do next [Aleph Blog]

Another casino buy for John Paulson [Fortune]

How George Soros broke the Bank of England [TheAtlantic]

A BP dividend cut? Game theory [Financial Crookery]

In-depth look at Charles Schwab and retail investors [BusinessWeek]

Eddie Lampert's payout may shield him from tax increase [Bloomberg]

Julian Robertson's wife loses battle with cancer. Our condolences to him and his family [FINalternatives]

Hooked on gadgets & paying a mental price [NYTimes]

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