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Monday, July 26, 2010

Gordon Gekko ~ Quote of the Week

Continuing the weekly compilation of quotes here at Market Folly, we give you a classic from the movie Wall Street. While everyone always quotes Gordon Gekko's notable line, "Greed is good", we wanted to highlight an equally compelling tidbit. Given the fact that the movie's sequel, Wall Street 2, is coming out in a few months, we found this quotation to be quite timely:

"The most valuable commodity I know if is information. Wouldn't you agree?"

~ Gordon Gekko

And for those of you wanting to hear it directly from the man himself, here's an embedded audio clip you can press play to hear:

For more on the infamous Gordon Gekko, be sure to watch the DVD of the classic movie, Wall Street (and on Blu-ray here) to brush up before the new movie. For more on the upcoming sequel, head to the Wall Street 2 trailer.

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