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Friday, July 2, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 7/2/10

TradeStream Your Way to Profits: Building a Killer Portfolio in the Age of Social Media [Zack Miller]

An excellent translation of Li Lu's "My Teacher: Charlie Munger" [Enoch Ko]

Congrats to Mebane Faber on the announcement of his global tactical asset allocation ETF [World Beta]

Li Lu's 2010 lecture at Columbia [Street Capitalist]

The long and short of The St. Joe Company (JOE) [Greenbackd]

An in-depth look at American Capital (ACAS) [Distressed Debt Investing]

Borrowing BP [FTAlphaville]

God and RenTech's black box [Reuters Felix Salmon]

Hedge funds face large tax [Absolute Return + Alpha]

Could now be a good time to buy some Google? [The Globe and Mail]

TheKirkReport's strategy session with options guru Adam Warner [KirkReport]

Inflation versus deflation revisited [Humble Student of the Markets]

Poker is better than chess to learn about risk management [TexasHoldEmInvesting]

A look at value investing from a momentum perspective [Ivanhoff Capital]

Value in large cap stocks [Street Capitalist]

Cash is king at Myriad Pharmaceuticals (MYRX) [TapeBeat]

A look at Ray Dalio's unique culture at Bridgewater Associates [WSJ]

So that's why investors can't think for themselves [Jason Zweig, WSJ]

John Paulson is buying plots of land [WSJ]

Paul Kedrosky's chat with Mark Cuban re: Wall Street, trading & more [Kauffman]

Amid the gulf crisis, Wall Street touted BP stock [Reuters]

PIMCO's push into equities [Bloomberg]

Crackdown on hedge fund pay in the EU [BBC]

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