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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Send Us Your Hedge Fund Letters

Since second quarter hedge fund letters have been sent out, we're putting out a call to our readers to contribute. This site has become largely what it is today due to the generosity of readers willing to share resources. So today we have one simple request: send us hedge fund letters you have access to!

Large or small fund, it does not matter; we welcome all resources. Rest assured that every contribution is treated as anonymous and confidential. We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. Don't worry if the letters have watermarks or unique identifiers either, we can easily remove those. Remember, your confidentiality is our top priority. Thank you for sharing with the Market Folly community! Click here to send us an email.

Here's some examples of the great hedge fund commentary we've been able to share:

- Perry Capital's Q2 letter

- Argonaut Capital's global macro outlook

- Corsair Capital's latest investment ideas

- Oaktree Capital's letter from Howard Marks

- T2 Partners' investment presentation

- Greenlight Capital's Q2 letter

- East Coast Asset Management's latest thoughts

- Grey Owl Capital's Q2 letter

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