What We're Reading ~ 9/17/10 ~ market folly

Friday, September 17, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 9/17/10

Time weighted versus absolute dollar returns [AbnormalReturns]

10 get-paid-to-wait Dow stocks [YCharts]

Great site for up-to-the-minute financial links [eWallstreeter]

Agriculture plays: the beans or the business? [ReformedBroker]

Contrarian value portfolio update [Greenbackd]

Buffett's article on Geico: a template for growth stock investing [Greg Speicher]

Video on Steve Eisman's latest thoughts on the for-profit education space [CNBC]

If you missed it, we posted Eisman's original thesis: Subprime Goes to College [MarketFolly]

Buy & hold, asset allocation and rebalancing [Capital Spectator]

Buffett rules out double-dip recession amid growth [Bloomberg]

Five pieces of advice from the top 5 financial advisors in the world [FINS]

Falcone making coin on distressed credit trading [Teri Buhl, Forbes]

Citadel opens Boston seeding office [FINalternatives]

Credit Suisse to take stake in hedge fund York Capital [Dealbook]

Hedge fund stars shine above the crowd [FT]

PIMCO makes $8.1bn bet against lost decade of deflation [Bloomberg]

An interview with Bill Fleckenstein [MadHedgeFundTrader]

How Goldman Sachs makes (& unmakes) its partners [Dealbook]

Renaissance will keep RIEF and RIFF funds open [WSJ]

Thomson Reuters launches next-gen desktop to rival Bloomberg Terminal [NYT]

Entrepreneurship as disease [Harvard Business Review]

Richard Branson's 5 secrets to business success [Entrepreneur]

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