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Friday, October 15, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 10/15/10

Happy fifth blogiversary to Abnormal Returns, a must-read site [Abnormal Returns]

St. Joe Company (JOE): David Einhorn versus Bruce Berkowitz [RationalWalk]

Taking a look at ValueLine (VALU) [ResearchPuzzlePix]

Biglari Holdings (BH) bids for Fremont Michigan again [Street Capitalist]

Biglari Holdings is a stock Zeke Ashton pitched at the VIC [MarketFolly]

Dividends are the strongest performing theme this year [WSJ MarketBeat]

Hedge fund transparency: be careful what you wish for [AllAboutAlpha]

An in-depth profile of Bill Ackman [Reuters]

See also our past profile of Ackman's hedge fund: Pershing Square [Market Folly]

ATP Oil & Gas (ATPG) here comes the short squeeze [AboveAvgOddsInvesting]

The fundamental law of active management [Humble Student of the Markets]

Make money off mixed market messages [Kiplinger's]

Weight Watchers (WTW): valuation too fat [Margin of Safety Investing]

On the topic of Warren Buffett bias [PsyFiBlog]

Covered calls and naked puts revisited [OptionsForRookies]

Defensive stocks or value traps? [Fortune]

JC Penney hires Goldman for defense against Ackman [Dealbook]

Facebook for finance [Institutional Investor]

How to bet like John Paulson [WSJ]

Byron Wien on the next George Soros [Fortune]

Ex-Goldman Sachs traders starting new hedge funds [Bloomberg]

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