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Friday, October 29, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 10/29/10

Latest investor letter from Paul Tudor Jones [Dealbreaker]

If you missed it, we posted up Lee Ainslie & Maverick Capital's latest letter [MarketFolly]

Why is Todd Combs bullish on Western Union (WU)? [Rational Walk]

Are there any catalysts for Microsoft (MSFT)? [AbnormalReturns]

Effects of quantitative easing: which companies have pricing power? [Pragmatic Capitalism]

Investment checklist for stock selection [Old School Value]

Case study on AbitibiBowater unsecured bonds [DistressedDebtInvesting]

Bill Hwang's hedge fund Tiger Asia receives SEC subpoena [Bloomberg]

An interview with Meb Faber of the World Beta blog [Abnormal Returns]

Looking ahead to the Combs era of Berkshire Hathaway [WSJ]

Stocks modestly expensive according to Buffett's favorite valuation metric [Pragmatic Capitalism]

Berkowitz's Fairholme to start stock-bond allocation fund [BusinessWeek]

JPMorgan's Highbridge Capital to buy Brazilian hedge fund Gávea [FINalternatives]

Interesting look at how Apple (AAPL) approaches things [BusinessWeek]

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