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Monday, November 8, 2010

Eric Mindich's Eton Park Capital Raises Lonrho Stake (LONR)

Eric Mindich's hedge fund Eton Park Capital have increased their long position in Lonrho (LON: LONR). Due to trading in UK markets on October 29th, Eton Park has boosted their stake from 5.97% of Lonrho shares outstanding up to a 9.42% ownership stake. LONR is an interesting play on Africa as the company owns numerous businesses on that continent. Regarding other recent activity from Mindich's fund, you can see an update on Eton Park here.

Taken from Google Finance, Lonrho is "a pan-African company with a portfolio of investments in agribusiness, infrastructure, hotels, transportation and support services. The Company's agribusiness sector include Rollex 51% holding. Its infrastructure portfolio of investments include Luba Freeport Limited 63% holding and KwikBuild Corporation Limited 70% holding. Its transportation portfolio includes Fly540 Angola 60% holding and Fly540 Ghana 60% holding. Its hotel portfolio include Hotel Cardoso in Mozambique 59% holding plus management contract and The Grand Karavia Hotel in Lubumbashi 50% holding plus management contract. Its support services include Bytes & Pieces 65% holding, Lonrho IT 50% holding plus board control and CES Zambia 45% holding plus Board control."

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