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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What We're Reading ~ 11/24/10

Interview with Meb Faber of World Beta [KirkReport]

It's survival of the smallest for fund of funds [AbsoluteReturn+Alpha]

How to live forever [James Altucher]

A piggyback strategy requires a disciplined approach [AbnormalReturns]

What is going on in the municipal markets? [DistressedDebtInvesting]

"Good enough" with Ken Fisher, Marty Whitman & Warren Buffett [AdvPerspectives]

On how to accumulate information [ResearchPuzzle]

How to read SEC filings on an Amazon Kindle [RationalWalk]

What OpenTable (OPEN) shorts don't talk about [ValueHuntr]

ValueAct Capital to raise $500m, then close to investors [FINalt]

An interview with trader & blogger Charles Kirk [AbnormalReturns]

Welcome to Omaha, Todd Combs [CNNMoney]

An op-ed by Warren Buffett [NYTimes]

Interesting article on Clarium Capital's Peter Thiel [NYPost]

Jim Chanos versus China [Fortune]

New SEC rules for hedge funds [Marketwatch]

Hedge fund forced Novell (NOVL) buyout [WSJ]

Four reasons to buy muni bonds [BusinessInsider]

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