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Friday, January 21, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 1/21/11

Comprehensive 2011 online brokerage review [tradeWISER]

Notes from John Griffin's class: Hedge fund analyst checklist [WorldBeta]

StockTwits interviews trader Charles Kirk [Howard Lindzon]

List of possible M&A targets [Footnoted/Morningstar]

Top 10 greatest trades of all-time [Barry Ritholtz]

Chicago value investor meet-up next week [SimoleonSense]

Family office vet talks about manager selection [FINalternatives]

Why he didn't setup as a hedge fund [Aleph Blog]

Short seller fights Chinese reverse merger frauds [Bloomberg]

Jeff Gundlach's DoubleLine bonds presentation (.pdf) [StoneStreetAdvisors]

Tread carefully in spun-off shares of Motorola Mobility (MMI)? [Peridot Capitalist]

How to become a great investor [GrahamInvestor]

Four further potential M&A targets [MarketWatch]

The 2011 investor roundtable [Barron's]

A look at investor Francis Chou [CanadianBusiness]

To make money, macro hedge funds must be nimble [Economist]

Google (GOOG) on the big mobile revolution [HarvardBusinessReview]

Why is Seeking Alpha paying its contributors? [Felix Salmon]

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