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Friday, January 7, 2011

What We're Reading ~ New Year Edition

If you missed it, Bespoke's 2011 roundtable [Bespoke]

Letter from Citadel's Ken Griffin [Dealbook]

Growth versus value [AbnormalReturns]

In 2010, we learned that... [ReformedBroker]

On an MBA versus CFA [ResearchPuzzle]

Interview with Alexander Roepers of Atlantic Investment Mgmt [Barron's]

Howard Lindzon interviews Mark Cuban [StockTwits]

Warren Buffett speaks about succession planning at Berkshire [Vanity Fair]

How Chipotle (CMG) is winning burrito wars [Bnet]

Six themes for 2011 [Pragmatic Capitalism]

On why Google (GOOG) is undervalued [TwistedValue]

Rising interest rates positive for equities? [ValuePlays]

How to come up with investment ideas [GannonOnInvesting]

Emerging hedge funds the belles of the ball [AllAboutAlpha]

Farallon receives mixed messages [Pensions&Investments]

From analyst to hedge fund founder in six years [Fortune]

On the respective Alcon (ACL) and Dynegy (DYN) deals [Dealbook]

Start the new year with an investment report card [Rational Walk]

The best economics blogs [WSJ]

New Year's hangover for stocks? [Barron's]

Bullish sentiment reaches historical extremes [Bespoke]

Hedge fund managers bullish on US stocks [Pensions&Investments]

Investors flocking to emerging market bonds [InstitutionalInvestor]

Municipal bond buyers on guard [BondBuyer]

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