What We're Reading ~ 2/11/11 ~ market folly

Friday, February 11, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 2/11/11

Hedge fund Level Global shutting down, conversation with COO [Dealbreaker]

Hedge funds gain 0.29% in January [AbsoluteReturnAlpha]

Tablet comparison: PlayBook vs Streak vs iPad vs Xoom [ReformedBroker]

Is the high yield bond market looking frothy? [Pragmatic Capitalism]

Taking a look at muni-bonds & MUB [ResearchPuzzle-Pix]

The hedgies charged with insider trading [BusinessInsider]

Harbinger dumps last Inmarsat shares [FINalternatives]

Great old interview with RenTec's Jim Simons [AbsoluteReturnAlpha]

Oaktree's Howard Marks calls for prudence [Dealbook]

Berkowitz throws the gauntlet in battle over St. Joe [Fortune]

Get ready for rising rates, falling bonds [Barron's]

Bond market lessons [Contrahour]

Hedge funds appeal dismissed Porsche lawsuit [Reuters]

Tough times for the Tiger Cubs [Institutional Investor]

Can we trust TIPS? [The Economist]

Bond trading 101 [BondSquawk]

Brutally honest letter from Nokia's (NOK) CEO [Engadget]

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