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Friday, March 25, 2011

Follow A Hedge Fund Manager's Trades: Exclusive 10% Discount

For our readers, we've secured an exclusive 10% discount to Dasan Stock Digest, a publication that gives you access to the trades of a successful hedge fund manager.

The service provides alerts of buys/sells, in-depth research on the specific stocks bought, as well as quarterly earnings updates and market commentary. Receive 10% off by using discount code: marketfolly10.

After reading Dasan Stock Digest for months, it's very clear the portfolio manager has a solid grasp on secular trends. His portfolio returned 65.4% last year compared to 15.06% for the S&P 500. The portfolio manager spent 13 years at UBS & Merrill Lynch, 4 years as a tech analyst and portfolio manager at a hedge fund, and attended Columbia Business School's value investing program.

This truly is a comprehensive service and makes you feel as if you're just looking over the manager's shoulder as he invests. Included in Dasan Stock Digest:

- Email alerts with buys/sells
- Quarterly earnings updates on holdings with models
- Monthly market commentary
- Reports on fund flows
- Technology and gaming industry metrics

Receive a 10% discount with code: marketfolly10. Take advantage of this discount because their prices are going up in six days!

For an example of the high quality research Dasan Stock Digest puts out, here's a past earnings summary report he put out on Apple (AAPL). Embedded below is the sample which includes the model, conference call notes, and analysis of the company:

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