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Friday, March 11, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 3/11/11

Financial Shenanigans: How to detect accounting gimmicks & fraud [Howard Schilit]

Biggest potential headwinds for stocks in 2011 [ReformedBroker]

Review of the book on equity research [Research Puzzle]

Trapeze Asset Management's latest letter [MyInvestingNotebook]

A only-somewhat-complete list of the 25 best financial "blogs" [TIME]

And on that note: the professionalization of financial blogs [Abnormal Returns]

Top hedge funds betting on plastics [Reuters]

David Tepper is mainly concerned about Middle East blowing up [Institutional Investor]

See earlier: Tepper cautious but optimistic [MarketFolly]

Carl Icahn returning outside investor capital [Dealbook]

Bill Gross dumps Treasuries [Bloomberg]

A few months old, but great interview with global macro manager Renee Haugerud [Galtere]

James Montier on the seven immutable laws of investing [Docstoc]

Hugh Hendry's presentation on why he's shorting China [BusinessInsider]

Tepper may invest in other hedge funds [Marketwatch]

Behind the curtain at D.E. Shaw [WSJ]

Nokia (NOK) and its risky strategic bet [Can Turtles Fly]

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