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Friday, March 18, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 3/18/11

Watching documentary on financial crisis: Inside Job [Charles Ferguson]

Don't miss a 10% discount to global macro hedge fund event [MarketFolly]

Transcript of John Paulson's interview with the FCIC [ValueWalk]

Transcript of Warren Buffett's interview with the FCIC [Santangel's]

Barton Biggs: Valuations not stretched [ValuePlays]

What's a buck worth? [HedgeFundInvest]

Ten deadly sins of hedge fund managers [UCITS Hedge]

How investors turned the tables on hedge funds [Reuters]

Q&A: Investing in Japan [Gannon On Investing]

Good selection of linkfests for more financial reads [Barbarian Capital]

Why did Berkshire stop selling Moody's (MCO)? [Wide Moat Investing]

Greenlight Cap & Tiger Global sue Porsche [Bloomberg]

Bearish bets on Chinese reverse mergers [Barron's]

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