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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whitney Tilson's Presentation on St. Joe (JOE) & Howard Hughes (HHC)

Yesterday at the Value Investing Congress, T2 Partners founder Whitney Tilson presented a short of St. Joe (JOE) and a long of Howard Hughes (HHC). You can view a summary of the Value Investing Congress here, but we also wanted to post up Tilson's actual presentation.

St. Joe (JOE) is currently his hedge fund's largest short position. They've elaborated on David Einhorn's presentation on JOE by evaluating the company's WindMark assets and argue they're overvalued. T2 says, "in summary, WindMark (like many of St. Joe's developments is a ghost town. The only restaurant has closed, as have all but one retail shop. Virtually no construction is going on, sales of lots are few and far between, and there is huge shadow inventory."

T2 is also long Howard Hughes (HHC), a spin-off from General Growth Properties (GGP) that contains the developmental real estate assets. Tilson argues the company has attractive risk/reward, a solid management team (with Pershing Square's Bill Ackman as Chairman), and a strong balance sheet that provides protection. He thinks the company is worth anywhere from $77-141 per share on the low and high ends, respectively.

Embedded below is T2's full presentation on JOE and HHC (email readers come to the site to view it):

Be sure to also check out a summary of the Value Investing Congress.

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