What We're Reading ~ 6/10/11 ~ market folly

Friday, June 10, 2011

What We're Reading ~ 6/10/11

John Paulson loses half a billion in 24 hours [ZeroHedge]

RenTec and Tudor performance numbers [Dealbreaker]

How to spot a bubble in real time [The Big Picture]

Youku (YOKU): the good, the bad, and the very ugly [Stone Street Advisors]

Liberty Global (LBTYA) break-up value [Cautious Bull]

Bulls attempt goal line stand [Humble Student of the Markets]

Steve Eisman to leave FrontPoint Partners [Absolute Return + Alpha]

The irresistible nature of trading [Forbes]

The search for Einhorn's gold [Reuters]

UK's Lansdowne Partners faces testing times [FT]

Profile on Phil Falcone [Vanity Fair]

Hedge funds post May losses from choppy markets [WSJ]

Hedge funds running farms [NY Observer]

The SEC's new guns [Absolute Return + Alpha]

GMCR: From small beans big trouble one day brews [Financial Investigator]

LinkedIn shares were a bubble: academic model [Reuters]

How Facebook can put Google out of business [TechCrunch]

Funny: homeowner forecloses on Bank of America [Digtriad]

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